employer solutions PEO team employer solutions takes care of peo paperwork

  • PAYROLL/ASO -  Dedicated payroll specialists ensure correct processing on time, every time. You'll enjoy peace of mind, knowing that our team is on the job

  • PEO SERVICES - The PEO (Professional Employer Organization) assumes all Payroll Tax Liability & shields you from Workers' Comp Audits

  • WORKERS' COMPENSATION - Allow our professional staff to fight Workers' Comp Claims on your behalf. Keep your rates low (where they should be), and get the applicable discounts that you deserve

  • HR SUPPORT - Our Certified, Licensed HR Staff will assist you in order to protect your assets in the event of Sexual Harassment or Gender Bias claims

  • RISK MANAGEMENT - Your livelihood depends on your assets being properly protected; We can help keep your interests safe

  • EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES LIABILTY INSURANCE - Competitively-priced EPLI coverage protects business owners from suits filed by current, past, or even prospective employees - whether the suit is just or unjust.

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